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Looper Purist??


I'm curious to know, is there such thing as a looper
purist?  Given how expressive an artform looping is, I
would think there would be no such thing.  I guess
what I want to know is, what types of music are best
considered for looping?  Also, if one were to set up a
simple(if that's possible) rig for guitar and one amp,
maybe two, what would you prefer or already have in
your signal chain?

I myself have a rig that incorperates my guitar signal
running to a wah pedal, into a Digitech Whammy II,
into either a Digitech RP-100A or a Johnson
J-Station(or both), then to a Digitech RP-1, then to
my amp.  I Haven't done it yet, but I will eventually
put a Digitech RDS 1900 rackmount delay unit in line
somewhere(I'm thinking at the front of the chain for
maximum wierdness), I'm just saving the scratch to buy
a foot pedal to turn the repeat hold function on and
off. I set one of the patches on my J-Station to have
a three second delay with about 98% repeat and also
set the RP-1 for it's maximum setting of 1500ms.  I
use the RP-1 to control the J-Station via MIDI and I'm
still trying to suss out the CC's for turning on and
off the repeat hold on the J-station(anyone have any
ideas?).  The RP-100A is optional in my rig, but since
it has a 2 second delay and a built in drum pattern
player, I will use it sometimes.  This isn't my dream
rig and I'm looking into a couple of different looping
tools, but it still can make a few noises.  

As for my choices of music, I really haven't figured
out what I want to do, but for now, I've performed a
couple of free form melodic excursions by playing
melodies and harmonies without closing the loop, so
it's ever-evolving.

Thanks for letting me rant and appreciate your


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