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jason spring?

hey, fellow la. looper.   i'm in arnaudville.   what's your story?  me and
mine are a group of guys doing spoken word looping, right now.    but we
geek on it all:  acoustic instuments, the standard electrics, and techno
stuff like fruity loops and what not.   we have a pretty respectable
selection of loopers:  repeater, echoplex, line6 studio delay, and several
others.    we go from hillbilly mountain music through middle eastern to
electronica and poetry remix.   lets get in touch sometime.    we are
starting to get some momentum going on this spoken word project and the 
the merrier, as they say.
gimme the low down on yourself and your art, if you have the time, and 
see if we can't work up a project or something.


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> Hey lance,
> You live in the big boot?  Where'bouts?
> I'm in Baton Rouge.  I didn't know of any LDer's in the area (but then
> I never looked..).
> Jason
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