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Re: OT: Fuzz

* Back in 83 or so I bought the ProCo Rat distortion because, with the gain
at zero and the volume full up, it sounded exactly the same, on or off. No
coloration. Then as you fiddle with it, it gets a good bright, edgy
overdrive and distortion that is very touch-sensitive. Over the years it 
compared very favorably with the Ibanez Tube Screamer.
* The Jekyll and Hyde dual overdrive by Visual Sound has two cascaded
distortions. Jekyll is like the Rat/Tube Screamer, but not quite as
"involving." A little more fizzy, less touch-sensitive, like the bright
setting on a Univox SuperFuzz. Hyde is like a Big Muff Pi or SuperFuzz in
dark mode, very square wave, and with lots of tonal control. You can 
the two and destroy the world. Totally decimates drum machines.
* The Danelectro French Toast is like challah bread stuffed with peanut
butter and bananas, then dipped in egg and fried in pork fat. It does the
Octavia/Ring Mod sound like nobody's business. Turn the knobs down and it
sounds like some of that pork fat got splattered on your amp. Hissy and
spitty, static-y and flatulent. I L-O-V-E THIS PEDAL!
* Any good amp turned up.

Too many distortion pedals are one less than enough.

Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large