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Re: Lexicon PCM42

whoops, should have been more specific:
hardware modeler
indeed, the psp plugin is way cool.

On Friday, May 28, 2004, at 04:20  PM, msottilaro wrote:

> In fact, there is:
> http://www.pspaudioware.com/start/psp42.html
> On May 28, 2004, at 12:37 PM, bruce tovsky wrote:
>> lucky you! the 42 is an awesome looping tool - just
>> ask david torn. while low on flexiblity - no crazy stuff
>> like multiple tracks, midi or storing loops here - it more
>> than makes up for it with great sound. i love grabbing a
>> sound and then cranking the speed way down for
>> that basement rumble - try that with a dl-4. just the
>> ability to do speed ups or slow downs - is there a
>> modeler that can do that?
bruce tovsky