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Re: OT: Processing video signals as audio?

ready for some geak-a-zoid talk?

most audio systems are designed for frequencies not to excede 22 KHz - 
on human hearing.   A standard NTSC (black and white) signal has a length 
63.5microseconds (15.7KHz).  Every one of those signals has enough
information to generate anywhere around 250,000 pixels worth of image data.
If you recorded this on a digital recorder at 96KHz you'd be able to sample
about 6 times per waveform.  So this digital recorder is about 50,000 times
too slow to accurately record a basic black and white video signal.  Then
you gotta think about input filtering - audio gear isn't built for those
high frequencies and it'll just filter out anything about 20KHz most of the
time anyway - so even if you could sample that fast there'd be nothing to

A color signal is around 250 times faster than a black and white signal
(3.58MHz) so you're around 12,000,000 times too slow to record that.

The bottom line is that here's no way anyone is going to record or process
video on audio gear. nice idea though...