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OT: Processing video signals as audio?

So I had this idea the other night to take a video signal and run it through some audio processors, but I didn't know if the signal would damage devices meant to process guitar level signals. 
So I got the most disposable pedal I had (Boss Distortion) and ran the composite video out of my DVD player into it, then out of it into the TV. 
This resulted in a blank screen. 
Very exciting. 
If it would have been a flanger or a chorus would it have made any difference, or are the signals so completely different in nature that nothing is going to come out of it? 
If I would have ended the connection by plugging the out of the distortion pedal into a speaker instead of a TV, would I have gotten a sound?  I dare not go futher until I know whether I'm going to destroy my effects processors. 
Please advise, o wise list subscribers.