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Re: atlanta loop stuff this weekend?

it's going to be at a place called eyedrum.   http://www.eyedrum.org/ but 
will be doing our thing in the afternoon, and the rest of it is going to be
other approaches to experimental poetry.   i won't discourage you from
going, but we are the only loopers.   that's why i was scoping the scene, 
see if there was any other loop oriented stuff going on; ) make sure to 
a word if you're heading to louisiana sometime.  hittin' the road now.
stay in touch.
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> Hey Lance,
> Where will the loop poetry be?  I'd love to check that out.  Forgive me 
> already posted where it is...I missed it.  I'm just a tid bit daft.
> darren
> Quoting Lance Chance <lrc8918@louisiana.edu>:
> > oh, well.   some guys and i are going to be in town this weekend with
> > gear to do a loop poetry project and i was just wondering what else
might be
> > going on.   checked out your site, tho.   looks pretty interesting.
wish i
> > could be there for the 25th.
> >
> > lance