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RE: using vg8 with a repeater

I should also point out that I have much more going into the mixer than the
guitar, and I was attempting to get something setup specifically so I could
multi-track at home, turn around and take essentially the same rig live 
record if I want, working on a little wheeled PC daw stand to replace my
computer desk, I'm kinda wiggy).

Mike Barrs described a handy setup geared more specifically to a singular
vg-88 rig, it's really all about figuring out what you want to do, and then
figuring out how to get the stuff to do what you want, or get what you want
with the stuff you've got.  I spent about 7 years screwing around to figure
out what I wanted (and for what I wanted to be made, made, and what I 
to get, got ;-).

I'm sure I'll end up with just a bunch of hand percussion and acoustics 
day and be very happy ... ;^P

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> A Behringer DDX3216.  Had to get it repaired when the power
> subsystem went horky.  A common issue that's linked to a
> particular component which, thankfully, is easily replaced.
> I'm not sure how to tell (didn't get that info from the shop,
> just happy to get it back after setting everything up and
> then having it crash on me :-().
> But it sounds great, and works great (now), I'm very happy with it.
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> >
> > Thanks for the instructive description!
> > I am curious what mixer you are using.
> >
> > Bernhard