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Re: using vg8 with a repeater

 >At 07:04 AM 5/26/2004, you wrote:
 > Does anyone use a vg8 with the Repeater?  I'd be interested in any
 > comments on this > experience: how you've got your rig set up, how
 > you use them together live, etc.  Thanks!

I have a VG-88, and I just run the stereo outputs straight into the 
Repeater line inputs. From there, the Repeater's stereo output goes to a 
Roland stereo volume pedal (line level "keyboard" type pedal), and then to 
a pair of powered Mackie SRM450 PA speakers. That's it.

I need the stereo VOL pedal because the Repeater doesn't have a master 
output volume, and it's the last thing in line before the powered 
I use the pedal to mute the speakers, or make small adjustments in overall 

This is dirt-simple and easy to set up, but then my looping is extremely 
basic, compared to what a lot of folks on this list are doing.  :)

The one thing I might change, and this is related to "Spaceranger's" 
comments about not running directly through the Repeater... would be to 
a 1u rackmount stereo line mixer to the setup. Maybe something like the 
Ashley LX308B. When you run the main signal directly into the Repeater it 
adds a 9ms. delay, even on the "live" sound. I've managed to adapt to 
but it would be nice to split the Repeater off as a side-chain effect. 
Unfortunately the VG-88 doesn't have an FX loop (I REALLY hope the next 
version, if there ever is one, includes a configurable external FX loop).

What I would do with a line mixer is split the stereo output from the 
into four signals, run one stereo pair straight into the mixer, and the 
other pair into the Repeater, and then into the mixer. The LX308B has a 
headphone output, and also a master volume that would let me get rid of 
stereo volume pedal. I've just been too lazy to get this system together.

I've also considered a full-blown digital mixer, where I could put the 
Repeater on an AUX send and have Midi pedal control over lots of 
parameters. But that's probably overkill for what I do.

Mike Barrs