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RE: using vg8 with a repeater

I use a vg-88 + sundry into my Repeater.  I use the control room out from 
mixer (auxes used for other) to feed the Repeater's inputs and patch the
spdif output from the Repeater back into the mixer on two input channel
faders.  Incidentally, I haven't EVER noticed that annoying 'drive noise'
glitch that I used to when recording to CC.  Yay!  I'm able to loop live
using the CC card for the first time ever without noise, I'm abusing the
priviledge, ha!  Haven't pushed the operations that hard yet (i.e. no rapid
reverse toggles, instant tempo changes, etc.), but it works.  I have an
alesis airfx in the Repeater's fx loop.

I patch EVERYTHING into a digital mixer (midi controlled) with adat I/O to
Layla interface.  I like this because I detach two adat cables and my rig 
mobile.  Plugin two adat cables and I've got 8 digital ins to Cubase, and 8
digital channel/busses back (as well as 8x8 analog un/balanced on the Layla
for additional patching).

vg-88 goes into mixer and also some combination of mixer aux outputs (4, 2
stereo to Vortex and Lexicon MPX1) for fx'ing.  I change patches on the
mixer and control the Repeater with an FCB1010 footcontroller.  vg-88 is 
by mag pickup output (which is also routed to GT-6) and Gk-2.  Funnily
enough, I almost never use overdriven/crunch patches.

I just turn everything on and go to town, honestly, it's very easy to never
do the same thing twice. *shrug* ;-)

With the mixer I can try a number of things out, which is where I've played
around the most recently.  I have one 'bread and butter' Repeater bank on
the 1010 footcontroller, and then some oddball Repeater ones, and also
presets to change mixer settings.  I usually just grab tones with different
frequency squatting space and surf ...

One thing I do a lot is use two Repeater tracks for 'fixed' material and 
tracks for transitory material.  And the switch at some point and make the
transitory material the 'fixed' material via feeback control (from 1010) 
vice versa.

I highly recommend a mixer and some kind of aux routing to incorporate the
Repeater.  You don't want to have your vg-8 going direct thru the Repeater,
but in a parallel path thru a mixer, et. al.

Have fun!

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Subject: using vg8 with a repeater

Does anyone use a vg8 with the Repeater?  I'd be interested in any comments
on this experience: how you've got your rig set up, how you use them
together live, etc.  Thanks!