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Re: A-B switch

Which A-B box did you go with? I've been looking into this area but 
find the stuff from http://www.lehle.com/ a bit expensive. Are there 
cheaper alternatives?

All the best

Per Boysen

On 2004-05-25, at 09.50, matt davignon wrote:

> Just thought I'd mention this in case some people hadn't discovered 
> yet. I found that shelling out the $ for a simple A-B switch was 
> exactly what was needed for some of my equipment setups. It allows me 
> to switch between one effects chain (A DL-4) and another (2 DFX 94's) 
> without unplugging things, and without them feeding into one another. 
> Also, I get to have my rhythmic elements (DL-4) and pitch/time-bending 
> elements (DFX94) both work with the same instrument (now a drum 
> machine).
> Matt