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Re: In Praise of the DL4

On May 24, 2004, at 1:32 PM, William Walker wrote:

> Seriously, one irritating
> thing I've discovered about thye DL4, is that if you happen to break a 
> cap
> off of one of the footswitches, you will actually start to drive the
> footswitches plunger harder down on to the PC board, which can 
> eventually
> cause problems. (cracked PC board anyone?)

Didn't you say in an email that you never had problems with a DL4....?

Anyway, the DD-20 does have really excellent footswitches IMO.  Quiet 
and seemingly well made.  I have to say Rick, that when seeing you 
perform live the KA-CHUNK of the DL-4 over some of your quieter 
acoustic instruments and toys was a bit of a distraction.