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Re: signal path and asynchronous loops

In a message dated 5/23/04 12:22:13 AM Eastern Daylight Time, dylanhassinger@yahoo.com writes:

i guess i
could use the mofx, too, to get 5

dylan.....i love the loops i can get off of the mofx, in fact for two weeks i forced myself to use just the mofx as my only looper.....i found that lots could be done with it, tweakin the "speed" and "feedback" and just the overall loopiness of it.....in my setup i have not only the mofx but also a 5 sec. looper in my alesis Q2, as well as the 3 five sec. loopers in the zoom 2100 plus my "rang".....my casio cz 5000 has an 8 trac sequencer on board which i think of also as a looper.....my buddy nick has come over several times with his miced classical guitar and plugged into my setup and i looped the both of us, more fun than you can shake a whale at.....i never felt the need to sync up my loopers with that there midi stuff.....there was some talk about PITCHSHIFT the last couple of daze.....I LOVE PITCHSHIFT.....the Q2 can do pitchshift but not to well (to some ears) mine excluded, i like that chipmonk sound!.....the digi "space station", alesis: ineko/bitrman/air-fx, zoom 2100 all will do pitchshift in their own funky ways.....i do not have the scootola for those monster "intlligent" wonderful sounding boxes that are out there.....but i have always said, one can not have enuf loopers and now i'll add pitchshifters tambien.....signal path, my, what a never-ending question that is!.....i know that my system can do much more than i at present can do with it but that's why i practice, no?.....michael