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Re: EDP w/PMC-10

thats the hazard factor, Dave! :-)

You could verify with a MIDI tool that the PCM-10 sends out two notes 
when it creates the short loop. A bouncing switch can happen with 
MIDI, too.
I bet if you use a different switch it does not do it.
Maybe cleaning or just using it a lot fixes it?

>OK, so I just got my PMC-10 footcontroller to use with my EDP. I had, for
>the last 8 years, used the EFC-7, which has worked great, but in the
>interest of space saving, decided to try the PMC-10.
>I have many of the major functions of the EDP up and running. My problem 
>triggering record. I am using note #38, velocity 64, momentary switch..on
>release of the switch, it sends velocity 0. This works fine, mostly.
>Sometimes, when I hit record, it is almost like a double press...it 
>.4 seconds and then resets. I press record again, and it then works fine.
>After I am done with that loop, hit record to start another, and it 
>the resetting. After that, it is fine. This only happens when sending midi
>messages- not with the front panel or with the EFC-7.
>The PMC-10's midi out is plugged directly into the EDP.
>This is getting maddening.
>Dave Eichenberger


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