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RE: Bernhard Wagner and Y2k4

Blush, blush, BLUSH! Can we move this (doubtlessly intriguing ;-) subject
off list?

How do I apply for removal of postings from the archives? ;-)

Rick, I am sorry for my misformulation! My intent was to say "organized by
Rick Walker" (BTW: did you get my email I sent to: rickwalker@looppool.info
on May, 10th 02:05 ?).

embarrassedly yours,

> -----Original Message-----
> From: loop.pool [mailto:looppool@cruzio.com]
> Sent: Montag, 11. Oktober 2004 14:32
> To: LOOPERS DELIGHT (posting)
> Subject: Bernhard Wagner and Y2k4
> Bernhard wrote:
> "I might be going to Rick Walker's Y2K4, maybe we could meet then?"
> Just a quick correction, Bernhard....................that is OUR Y2K4 
> Looping Festival,   decidedly not mine!!!!
> By the way,   two very cute goth girls came up to me tonight at
> the Box and
> told me how sexy they thought you were.  They both asked
> me, indedpendently of each other, if you were coming tonight as well and 
> told them that you were back in Switzerland and they were bummed.
>  You went over big time in Santa Cruz.     I can hook you up with
> a date if
> it's any more incentive to have you come in October...........lol!
> Of course, I want you for your artistry, my man!!!!
> yours,  Rick