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RE: PERCUSSIONISTS who loop in public

4) dani oore. halifax, n.s.: 'beatboxing' into tubes, etc..

>From: "loop.pool" <looppool@cruzio.com>
>Reply-To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
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>Subject: PERCUSSIONISTS who loop in public
>Date: Wed, 5 May 2004 23:11:59 -0700
>I was updating a mailing list of mine tonight and decided for the hey of 
>to try and see how many people I was in contact with who are 
>drummers who loop live, either solo or with groups, since that is what I 
>in my performances.
>Here is a partial list of those that I know.
>I must say that the intention of creating such a list is for the purposes 
>commonality/communication and community
>and my sincerest apologies to anyone that I may have left out because of
>various lapses in memory.    Please contact me
>Please help me to make it a more complete list and please forgive me if I
>have accidentally forgotten you..............I'm pretty tired
>tonight..............still coming down from Loopstock.............lol.
>I'll republish this list when everyone who wants to be included is on it.
>1)  a very partial list of percussionist/drummers who use live looping
>devices in their performances:
>Amy X Neuburg
>Andre Custodio
>Bill Smith
>Damon Grossman
>David Kirkdorffer
>Gino Robair
>James Lanpheer
>Jon Wagner
>Koorosh Daryaie
>Larry the "O"  Oppenheimer
>Michael Stauffer
>Rick Walker
>Scott Amendola
>Steve Rice
>Steve Robertson
>Timothy Crowe
>Wally Schnalle
>2) some who are primarily melodic loopers who, nonetheless use live
>percussion loops to augment their live shows:
>Gareth Whittock
>Gary Regina
>Luis Angulo
>3) some who are primarily melodic loopers who are nonetheless, very 
>drum machine programmers
>in their work:
>Michael Haumesser
>George Demarest
>Matt Davignon (who should be singled out for his exclusive use of drum
>machines in some of his shows)
>4) some who are primarily melodic loopers who use beatboxing in their live
>Andrew Chaiken (aka Kid Beyond)
>Hans Lindauer
>Per Boysen
>Michael Shieffel
>I include myself here because I  use a lot of beatboxing.
>5)  any other categories I may have missed?    perhaps everyone could list
>their favorite rhtymic influences from amongst the
>non-percussionist/drummers on the list...............I've certainly been
>inspired by Claude Voit and Andre La Fosse's rhythmic approaches amongst
>others, for example,

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