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Running Two Echoplex Units in Stereo/Synced - Experiences?

Title: Running Two Echoplex Units in Stereo/Synced - Experiences?

Hello folks -

I currently play the acoustic guitar with the Boomerang and Boss Loop Station, and I ordered the Echoplex last week….should be here any day.

It's unfortunate that most of these looping units are mono….I've always played in stereo, using rich choruses, panned delays, stereo reverbs, etc, but I also like to create loops with different effects on each layer. I read that you can link two Echoplex units, controlling them with the same foot controller. If this is true, I will likely order another Echoplex soon. Does anyone have experience with this? I basically want to run out of a few stereo rack effect units into two Echoplex units.

Also, as a side note, I've figured out how to loop all my instruments (acoustic guitar, sitar, and tablas) with the same looping unit. I basically run my looper unit through the aux. channel of my mixing board.  More specifically, I run the Aux 1 send of my mixing board to the input of the looping unit, then the output of the looping unit to one of the mixing board channels. Then, with my stereo effects unit running though the other Aux 2 channel, I add that stereo effect to the looping unit signal.  I can loop as many instruments as there are available channels on my board, plus adding a separate effect level on the looping unit. If I get another Echoplex, I'll run them in the Aux loop as well, inserting them first in the chain before returning to the board's input.

Kris Hartung