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Re: Where to get EDP+?

    It's a long, hard, boring way to do it, but if you're desperate this
worked for me. I went on Gibson's website and printed up a list of all the
authorized Gibson dealers in my state (N.C.). I then started at the top and
called, called, made a sandwich, and called some more. I eventually found a
dealership in Greensboro that had one in stock. This was about four weeks
ago. The point is some of the EDP units were shipped to small, independent
dealers who might still have one on the shelf. Don't bother with any of the
big chains, because they usually cross reference interventory so if they're
out, they're out system wide.
It's a collossal pain, but it's the only way I can think of to find a new
one if you need it immediately
Good Luck