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Loop IV

Matthias, Kim, Eric:

Will Loop IV work (now or in the future) on any hardware controller,
independent of the EDP?

Are there any plans for a VST version?


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you guys have it really far off here. The Trace Elliot division was closed 
by Gibson a long time ago. The Echoplex has been through two other 
divisions at Gibson since then. Trace was just one of the divisions 
responsible for it along the way. When they closed it, responsibility 
to strings and accessories, then it moved to gibson labs. What happens 
the remnants of Trace today has nothing to do with the Echoplex.

At 12:08 PM 4/25/2004, David Kirkdorffer wrote:
>So, does Orange have "right of first refusal" to buy the 350 units 
>currently languishing in a warehouse?
>If I wanted to buy them all, who do I talk to?

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