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RE: EDP multitap feature

At 03:59 PM 4/25/2004, Alan Kroeger wrote:
>There is a way (though not all that elegent without a lot of effort on 
>your part) for loop backup you could use a recorder to save your loops 
>What it lacks is a marker for start record end record I suppose that 
>be fixed or maybe there is some other way to get that. I suppose with a 
>little MIDI editing we could use the same mechanism to load a stored loop 
>but you would have to have some MIDI recording and editing features so, 
>this might be the job of a Laptop?

there are midi markers sent for all commands, and then as the loop plays 
there are markers sent for the loop point, cycle point, and subdivision 
points. You can record these along with the audio for easy editing later. 
You can then also load loops back to the echoplex fairly easily by sending 
the same midi commands out with the audio from the recording device.

Dennis Leas used this technique for his Kyma based Looper Construction 
which transfers loops between an Echoplex and Kyma in real time.


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