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Re: Where to get EDP+?

The thing about the EDP is that I don't think there was ever a continuous production line, i.e. a process by which new EDP's were manufactured every day on a regular basis. I think they'd make up a batch, sell those, and then eventually make another batch of a few hundred. Unfortunately, rather than say "Hey we've sold all the last batch--quick, let's make some more!", it'd get back burnered for a while, during which there'd be a re-org, people would leave, etc.

I remember Schaller used to make *one* batch of their tremolo pedals each year. If you didn't buy one right away, you were out of luck until the next year. My personal experience with the EDP, over the course of six or seven years suggests something along those lines. It's possible that there were people who started working at Gibson and then left in between EDP production cycles without ever seeing evidence that they were "in production".

There is also some evidence that communication between divisions at Gibson isn't as good as it might be. I mean, who's our designated point of contact at Gibson right now for the EDP? Once upon a time, there was a Gibson rep who used to post on the list, but he took a bit of a shellacking and seemed to have his talk/action ratio a bit on the high side, and then he was gone. I believe this was around the time they stopped branding them as "Oberheim" units.


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Subject: Re: Where to get EDP+?

Yea, frustrating isn't this. I have been waiting for over half a year for them to be available again. I've been waiting for gibson to get back to me for months. I asked Kim why they don't make it anymore and he said, "Where'd you hear that?" .... everywhere I ask.