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RE: EDP Knob Gone Bad--Where Do I Get it Fixed?

The new pots we use have a longer metal 'collar' which greatly reduces
this from happening. Do you know anyone who's handy with a soldering
iron? Pot replacement is one of the easier repairs on an EDP and I'll
send you a set if you e-mail your address.
You could try Shane, but it'd be quicker and cheaper just to get a mate
to change them for you; unless you live near to Shane.
P.S. it's worth changing all 4 while you're in there.

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Subject: EDP Knob Gone Bad--Where Do I Get it Fixed?

-----> I have this problem with the output knob of my original Echoplex!
I tried cleaning it with tuner clear recently and only made the wobble
disfunction) worse.  I don't have the skills to replace this--do I call

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Talking about pot replacement on the EDP.
if you unscrew the front and take off the knobs (just pushing) you
can feel whether the input knobs axis is a little looser than the
if this is not the case, the problem may not be that it broke, but may
the pot anyway.
Might be interesting to verify with a ohm-meter: measure the total
resistance of it, while moving it...

if you are not familiar with a soldering iron and multilayer PCB, and
willing to do the fix yourself, we better stop this discussion, because
rep knows what I am saying here...

>>  yes, when the potentiometer brakes it does this, a little
>>  crack in the board with the resistance layer.
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