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EDP Input knob possessed

OK, sometimes my input knob is ok, sometimes it is possessed. I have an
older one from about '96, and I have been having some trouble with the 
gain. It is always right around 1/4 up, which is usually fine (used on the
aux send of a Mackie 1202vlz set straight at unity gain). Problem is, more
often than not, the difference between the input LED being off to being in
the red is like the width of a human hair. I have had no troubles for the
last 7 or 8 years, and all of a sudden this is happening. It takes forever
to set the gain now, after I have left it in the same spot for years. 
it distorts or is inaudible. Sometimes I can compensate by turning it lower
and cranking the aux return, but that is a little noisy. 

I read the archives about the input gain problem, but this doesn't seem to
be it. It worked fine, now it is being erratic. Could something have gone
horribly wrong? 

Dave Eichenberger