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Re: wah-wah music - Re: "Live Looping"

Yep. Pete Cosey, on the guitar, also added the "malfunctioning-stomp-box"
parameter to this wah wah music style ;-)  (have Agharta and still live it)

Best wishes

Per Boysen

On 04-04-13 05.19,  "Chris Muir" <cbm@well.com> wrote:

> Mid-seventies Miles was remarkably close to this.
> -C
> At 6:07 PM -0400 4/12/04, David Kirkdorffer wrote:
>> Now THIS is something I'd LOVE to hear!!!!!  :-))
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: <mailto:LinkTomlin@aol.com>LinkTomlin@aol.com
>>> Is there such a thing as wah-wah music??
>> If everything being created in a set was pumped through a wah wah
>> then maybe there would be.