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Re: Looping w/battery power hopes/concerns

I have to say any guitar singal is not something you would want layers and
layers of....Then again I enjoy creating contrast in loops with alot of
stomp boxes.  I think I am the only player here who does really use a racks
set-up(aside from 2 knob based ones).

If one adaptor was OK, I would say the Yamaha magic stomp, as it is the 
floor multi I have for reverbs and delays.  But, for one without a
adaptor.....well, there are none I would suggest.  All the decent ones are
AC only(unless something comes to mind later).  what about a small pedal
rig?  Like a Reverb or 2, analog delay, digital delay, and a couple
modulation effects?  Maybe a PitchShifter as well?

aside from that, there is the Boss ME series.  I am not sure if the ME-50
works of battery power(if it does, that is my multieffect selection).  Oh,
there is also the Digitech RP series, and a few can be battery powered I

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Subject: Looping w/battery power hopes/concerns

> Hi--
> I'm back from my gig and wanted to share more--
> I like the idea of having a loop setup that is easy to transport and set
> My rack setup includes MIDI and volume pedals and I REALLLY like using my
> Starr Labs Ztar as it affords me synth stuff and MIDI control for the
> HOWEVER--it requires a bit of time to get ready to play, and is heavy to
> transport.
> I can see that the two things are different beasts.  The Echoplex lets 
> do exactly what you want, whereas each of the separate loop pedals in the
> battery powered setup (incidentally, I have power supplies for all the
> devices, so I don't need to piss away the environment 'til I actually
> has its own weaknesses/liabilities.  The main idea is to let the RC-20 
> the DL4 take up slack from each other, and use the DigiTech pedals for
> percussion and short sampling of the DL4.  It's all still in its infancy,
> I will keep you posted.
> One thing I notice is uneffected acoustic guitar isn't something you want
> stack layers and layers of--the timbre doesn't change enough to allow you
> fill the spaces.  I like how Matthias for example (or Claude Voit) will
> create a bed and then layer more things over the top--not the same 
> reverb!  I might want to include a battery powered effector in this setup
> . .
> Gary