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Re: live looping amplification etc.

i have a pair of Mackie SR1530s: http://www.mackie.com/products/sr1530/

they handle anything i throw at them, from playing LOUD Berlin School 
stuff with a drummer and a guitarist at a punk rock show to sound 
reinforcement at a Robert Rich show to monitoring atmospheric drum n 
bass (definitely the most fidelity-demanding music i listen to) in the 

i've played Moog bass with a Sonic Youth-style rock band through them 
as well.

my favourite feature other than incredible frequency response is the 
interface: ON/OFF.  it's so nice not to deal with ANYTHING else. either 
it works or it does not. a dream PA for a gigging musician.

yeah yeah i realise that they are each the size of a Leslie model 122, 
but it's _okay_. they sound great.

direct Hammond organ sounds _great_ through them, as well. they're a 
little too directional for that application, however.
Eric Williamson