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Re: live looping amplification -- and beer

Personally, I find a JC-120 and a Fender Band Master into a 15-inch Bag End
speaker is a nice (and loud) combination that seems to handle all my
wicked-wacky synth-a-like looped tonalities.  Tube warmth and depth with
skreeming high end.  And moving it all around keeps me fit and trim, which
allows me to have a beer or two during a gig.

The great thing about looping is that occasionally, should the need arise,
during a set I can leave the stage to buy a drink, return and pick up the .
looping thread where I left it.


P.S.  I feel compelled to plug
-and-creativity, Jack Drag.  Any musician who can entitle his songs "Could
Have Been Big" and "Beer Helps Us Cope" is a winner in my book.  :-)

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Subject: Re: live looping amplification etc.

> Hi Paul,
> Good that you bring this up!
> This has been one of my frustrations trying to have a
> good configuration to balance between digital
> versatility and the warmth of a tube power amp.I Run a
> roland GP 100 and a Roland GR33 guitar synth into a
> small 1202 mackie mixer, sending its aux into both the
> Echoplex and Repeater, and then returning them back
> into the mixers input channels so i can bounce loops
> between both loopers.Then the overall sound goes to a
> pair of yamaha active P.A. speakers.
> The advantage of this is total flexibility; being able
> to mix all the signals into the loopers and then being
> able to bounce the loops into each other,so if i
> recorded something i like into the EDP, i can send it
> to the Repeater through the mackies aux and either
> save the loop or twist the loop further,with the
> repeaters pitch shift capability,speed it up,slow it
> down etc.
> But i am not still 100% satisfied with the guitar
> sound.I played with tube amps half of my life and i
> just dont get the punch i am used to just running the
> preamp into the mixer and to the active speakers;The
> question is if it would  make a difference using a
> dedicated guitar power amp instead?
> Louie
> --- Paul Greenstein <paul@ubiq.co.uk> wrote:
> > I posted several weeks ago about problems with
> > trying to run my
> > Repeater through a Mesa Boogie combo - lack of
> > volume control, noise
> > problems etc. A few people replied with the general
> > consensus being
> > that looping and tube amps do not mix well.
> >
> > Anyway, I've managed to finally come up with a
> > system which works well
> > both for 'normal' playing and for looping purposes,
> > so I can be at
> > least reasonable versatile+portable (without
> > spending ridiculous
> > amounts of cash). I've ended up with a POD XT pro
> > (rack) as a preamp,
> > going into a Mesa 20/20 stereo power amp (the combo
> > went back to the
> > shop). This goes into a couple of EV speaker cabs
> > I've had knocking
> > around for years. I run the Repeater and a G-Major
> > via the POD's
> > effects loop. All controlled from the FCB1010 of
> > course...
> >
> > This seems to produce minimal to non-existent noise
> > and hiss, and gives
> > me a good balance between digital versatility and
> > the warmth of the
> > tube power amp.
> >
> > I thought it might be interesting to hear what other
> > people use
> > sound-reinforcement wise, guitarists or not...
> >
> >
> > Paul
> >
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