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FCB1010 w/EDP (was Re: Black oberheim dates????)

--- "David J. Grossman" <dave@unpronounceable.com>
> > From what I've read here, there are indeed a
> number of
> > happy FCB1010-EDP users.  But Kim also said this
> pedal
> > won't reproduce ALL the functionality, just a
> subset.
> > Whether or not this will be sufficient for me is
> > something I have to investigate, given I want to
> do
> > the Turntablist concept.
> Hmmm. I'm not sure what can't be done with it that
> can be done with the
> regular pedal. All DirectMIDI commands are easily
> programmable. These
> include all of the buttons on the EDP pedal and the
> front-panel buttons as
> well. I can also access the presets.
> - Dave

I just did a search-and-read on the LD archives and
found Andre's post in which he states that the FCB1010
is good enough for 99% of the techniques he uses with
the EDP.  So if it's good enough for Mr. Turntablist
Guitar, it should be good enough for Mr. Future
Turntablist Violist. ;)


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