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Hey guys/gals

I'm soooo sorry if I caused someone any undue guilt or misdirected sorrow 
I was totally kidding!!! I thought my post was sooooo sarcastic/ironic that
it would be clear!! - My apologies - wow!

I was offline for a day or two after that post - so amazed to come back now
and see deep serious discussions of the slight!!

Take it from me - it's FINE to use the term 'blackface' in reference to an
amp!! it's got a black face. Other than the most extremely sensitive people
found in every group - I'm here to say that almost anyone would find it all

We all need to take a step backwards with what offends us --humor is great
and CLICHES exist for a reason...... I was injecting humor.

Cheers - and back to the looping!!!
(although.... SOME ASPECTS of Dealing with racial issues are basically one
big loop!!