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Re: Black oberheim dates????

I may be mistaken but its very unlikely that you'll get the whole LoopIV
soft in the chameleon box
a stereo looper probably but as per today its highly vaporware.
If you search a little I'm sure you'll find an edp in not so much time .
with a mature and tested soft and interface and soon you can start playing.


> --- "David J. Grossman" <dave@unpronounceable.com>
> wrote:
> > Black oberheim dates????Musician's Friend still says
> > May 5th. I'd imagine that they got that date from
> > Gibson but who knows if it's still accurate.
> >
> > - Dave
> I saw that too.  But then I also saw that the software
> that drives the EDP is being ported to the Sound Art
> Chameleon.
> I've decided I want to adapt the Turntablist Guitar
> concept to my viola, which means I need an EDP or
> something else that will offer the same functionality
> (e.g. a Chameleon running Loop IV software).  I'm in
> wait-and-see mode now because I don't know what's
> going to happen first - EDP being in stock again or
> the Loop IV-Chameleon port being released.
> Paolo
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