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ATTN: DC-area people: Sonic Circuits 2004 Planning

This is directed to any DC-area people on the list:

Sonic Circuits is an annual electronic art festival
held in the Washington DC area, usually in September.
Sonic Circuits 2003 included looping tuba man Tom
Heasley among the performers. In years past, the focus
was on electronic music.  This year, we'd like it to
be more inclusive of other art forms such as video. 
If you want to get involved, there's a Yahoo Group
called "sonic_circuits" to join so you can keep
informed about meetings and such.

I'm still kinda new to the DC area myself and at last
year's Sonic Circuits befriended the organizers, which
led to my own decision to join up as a volunteer.  I'm
not an officer or anything, just a volunteer (who's
trying to decide whether to wait for an EDP to become
available again or to wait for the Loop software port
to Sound Art Chameleon - to adapt Andre's Turntablist
concept to viola).


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