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C'est What?

I got bounced from the list and still do not have any viruses onboard,
thanks to an updated program.

"Your mail address spgoodman@earthlight.net has been removed
from the Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com mailinglist.
It generated an excessive amount of bounced mails."

Now, I know that my carrier fairadsl.co.uk had a few problems today, but I
also haven't been getting ANYTHING from the LD list today, prior to the
downage this afternoon (morning your time in CA).  And my last message to
the list was on the 9th, about a previously-proposed London Looping show
(still wondering why no responses to THAT one).

Anyone else have this happen?

Steve Goodman
* EarthLight Productions
* http://www.earthlight.net