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RE: "Corporate Culture Loops" - clip posted

Man this is beautiful as is - don't mess it up with spoken word - IMHO it
will take away from it's grace.

Nice work!

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Subject: "Corporate Culture Loops" - clip posted


I posted a music clip at http://www.boysen.se/studio/ccl_draft1.mp3 (13 MB)

Echoplex solo improvisation with Stratocaster electric guitar in the 
vibe established by Eric Satie some eighty years ago (as far as I know?)

It's a pre production draft for a track to be released on the album
"Corporate Culture Loops" (Noden Recordings). Spoken word by David Cowley,
Ashridge Management College UK, will be added in a couple of weeks. I might
have to change the music to something different then, but we'll see about

The live guitar and Echoplex are mixed left/right. After the recording I
fired up Ableton Live and "filled in" on the flow already breathing in the
improvisation. Among those fill ins are some nice talking drum playing by 
Swedish friend Eric Forsmark. I had recorded Eric at an earlier session,
using Ableton Live as a recording and live looping platform.

Best wishes

Per Boysen