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Live vs Repeater

It's been about a year since I first became a looper (with the 
Loopstation) and now, I'm looking at increasing my looping-horsepower.

I was hoping you could advise me on whether to go with ABLETON LIVE 
or ELECTRIX REPEATER (if I can find one).

Currently, I'm working on a project that requires looping 
pre-recorded samples, some as short as 4 beats, and one digital audio 
file that's about 8 minutes long (I can eliminate that one if it's 
I'd like to be able to live loop over any one at a time, and also 
trigger up to three pre-recorded loops on the fly.

I need to be able to control all of this with a foot pedal, and be 
simple enough for me to learn to use before the premiere of the 
performance piece on April 26!

Thanks in advance!

Ritsu Katsumata