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RE: Availability of Echoplex, will it ever come?

Wierd. I remember asking a sales guy at Musicians Friend
exactly what "blemished" meant and he said that they (in sales)
never really know the extent to which something is blemished.
So I picked up my second EDP as "blemished" with the same
savings and it took me a few days to finally find the almost
invisible scratch on the bottom that landed the unit on the
blemished shelf. Other than that, it was mint.


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> From: David J. Grossman [mailto:dave@unpronounceable.com] 
> Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 4:15 PM
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Subject: Re: Availability of Echoplex, will it ever come?
> > I have had an Echoplex on order since December 18 of 2003 at
> > Friend.  The availability date keeps getting pushed back, and now
> > Musicians Friend has the avilability date as May 5.  Has anyone had
> > luck buying an Echoplex in the past month or so?
> I bought that "scratch and dent" one they had on sale a couple of
weeks ago
> but it was way more screwed up than what they defined as a "scratch
> dent" item. The whole faceplate was bent outwards on the right, a knob
> missing and two of the other knobs were floating around the box. One
> those knobs was actually cracked too. In any event, it wasn't worth
> savings of only $120 out of $799 for something that was that tweaked
so I
> returned it to exchange for a new one. I'm still waiting on my new one
> the rest of you.
> Here's a warning though, if you see a scratch and dent Echoplex show
up at
> Musician's Friend in the next week or so, don't buy it unless you're
> to live with something that may have been dropped or taken apart and
> reassembled. They probably had the thing ( serial # 79 or something
> that ) sitting around for a year and figured they could get rid of it
> the other units were so hard to get. It's not worth $679 though. Not
in that
> condition.
> - Dave