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Re: luca formentini's "subterraneans"

Hi Michael,
happy the cd arrived safe.
I look forward to know the colour of your feelings.
thanks for listening.


Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:

> luca's CD arrived a day ago, have given it a quick listen in the midst 
> of maddness.....THANK YOU LUCA!!!!!.....will give it several more 
> listens over the week end and report back soon with a 
> "review".....first impression: wonderful "deep" tones in the ambient 
> vain.....the last couple of tunes were a bit more structured 
> (?).....this is basically a "thank you very much, the cd arrived" 
> post.....it is very wonderful that we can exchange music like this and 
> really get a feel for how we all so differently approach this thing 
> called looping.....what crazy daze we live in!.....michael