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Re: another Guitarists OT Elixir strings good for looping

On 04-02-18 13.26,  "Claude Voit" <c.voit@vtx.ch> wrote:

> Per
> hey you got an endorsement or what ??
> let me me feed the OT
> playing elixirs is like making love with a condom
> no feel, no fingering noize, no juice, but some have to.....
> expensive too
> uerk
> Claude

No endorsement, it's just that I have never bothered to try them before. 
idea of covering steel in plastic seemed... perverted. Yes, they are
expensive but they also last longer. I agree that they feel strange to 
but I don't play instruments to please my fingers desires in the first 
;-)  The sound that comes out is great with those strings. And I have not
found another solution to the grease problem when bowing the guitar for
looping. For me elixir is a usable workaround when playing a concert and
wanting to use the bow ruining my strings. The alternative is to have two
guitars with normal strings - one for bowing and one for all other playing.
But that's no good idea for looping. When you loop you want to have many
different sounds available with one instruments, and that's what the elixir
strings allows me to. In the studio I would rather use normal strings like
I'm used to since you can do all the bowing on one day and then put new
strings on the guitar.