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Re: another Guitarists OT Elixir strings good for looping


hey you got an endorsement or what ??

let me me feed the OT

playing elixirs is like making love with a condom

no feel, no fingering noize, no juice, but some have to.....

expensive too



> Hi,
> Since there seems to be quite a lot of guitar players on this list I'm
> hoping this is not too off topic. My brother gave me a set of Elixir
> for Christmas gift and I have found them very good. A bit tricky to bend
> for looping these strings rock, since they do not loose treble to the
> on my cello bow. I'll never go back to normal strings now! ;-) Normal
> strings get wasted by one gig if I bow them.
> I had to buy a set of Elixir strings for my acoustic as well to try out. 
> never bow the acoustic (has to be a strat styled cut-away body for the 
> to hit the strings right) but it seems as you can minimize the fingering
> noise with Elixir strings. And that is good for looping.
> Best wishes
> Per Boysen
> -- 
> www.boysen.se
> www.looproom.com