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Re: Echo Pro/drum machine sync

On Feb 15, 2004, at 11:56 AM, Adrian O'Connell wrote:
> seems the best place to ask my question: I read a
> piece about synchronising an Echoplex to a drum
> machine using midi, is it possible to do this with a
> Line6 Echo-Pro too?

um the answer is "maybe?"

check this: http://loopersdelight.com/LDarchive/200310/msg00533.html

then i would look experiment with the MIDI notes which control the 
Line6 Echo Pro. unfortunately you'll have to buy or borrow one first.

the short answer for the question "can i sync an Echo Pro to my drum 
machine" is "you don't want to". the longer answer is "well, probably 
... but not easily. it's a pain in the ass and you'd be better off with 
an EDP, JamMan, or Repeater."

i suppose you could use an Alesis MMT-8 for this. read the manual at 
http://www.mmt8.com/ if you're that hard up for cash.

i have to say that the EDP offers some nice features for working with 
drum machines, like recording a loop and then having the drum machine 
sync up to the EDP.
Eric Williamson