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Re: EDP sync issues

I have experienced the same kinds of problems.

I heard talk on this list that during Overdub operations the EDP is not
listening to MIDI Clock sync messages, so if you leave it in Overdub for an
extended period it may drift out of time.

What I do is to keep a MIDI controller handy that is capable of sending the
ReAlign command to the EDP, which restarts the loop at the next MIDI clock
cycle point.  That is, the next bar line (assuming your sequencer or 
is in 4/4, and you have 8th/Cycle set to 8).  After I do a long overdub, I
just send a ReAlign message and provided the MIDI Clock isn't being really
wobbly that day, the EDP usually syncs back up just fine.

There may be a way to access this command from the front panel, as well.
Can't remember.  I just have a button on my foot controller set to send it.

I don't know if this piece of information has any bearing on your 
but I have found in Cakewalk Sonar that if you select, say, the first two
measures of a sequence to loop, Sonar selects the time from 01:01:000
through 02:01:000, which eventually causes the EDP to drift out of sync.  I
have to manually change the selection to be 01:01:000 through 01:04:119 to
get it to stay in sync indefinitely.


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> > To those who have tried to sync the EDP to the midi clock of a 
> device (i.e. sequencer, drum machine, etc):
> >
> > Have you ever experienced issues where the EDP and the pattern being
> played drift out of sync?
> Yeah, I've noticed that on occasion. My drummer and I both play to a 
> track from a drum machine which I use to sync up my EDP+. Every now and
> then, we find that the loop has gone out of sync with the drum machine.
> > I'm finding this to be the case with my EDP getting it's clock from my
> PX7. I have the LoopIV update as well.
> >
> > It takes a while for this to happen, just a very minor change, but it
> eventually grows large enough to be distracting (after a couple of
> I don't know if this is due to the length of time that we play or some
> factor such as excessive overdub/undo/overdub/undo ... stuff which
> occasionally results in some real strangeness. I should do some tests to
> if it's a time factor or something else.
>     Sincerely,
>         Dave