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Re: EDP syncing LoopIII vs LoopIV

how I understand your problem ???
2 things
1- the quantized behaviour of the strt rec point is the only way in loop3
when sync IN.
loop 4 allows you to strt rec at any point and end rec  will be rounded to
the next cycle point
2-the cycle (initial loop time) is determined by the 8th params
changing it will allow you to have different lenght cycle 8 8th= 1 meas in
4/4  4 8th = Half note etc...

Trust us all you wont regret your loop 4 upgrade


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Subject: EDP syncing LoopIII vs LoopIV

> Hi all,
> I just want to make sure I'm understanding something as a limitation in
> LoopIII before I count on LoopIV to resolve my problem.
> My EDP has LoopIII. I'm syncing to midi clock from my Emu PX-7. I'll be
> playing a drum pattern for instance. I want to be able to hit record on
> EDP, have it start right away, and hit record (or alt ending) again and
> it stop and loop from that point.
> The behavior I'm getting as I understand it is quantize is working with
> start of pattern pulse from the PX7, so if the pattern is 4 bars long and
> only want to loop 1 or 2 bars, my loop is padded with silence ot fill in
> pattern cycle from the PX7.
> I read the LoopIII based manual and tried to read between the lines ot
> figure out things that aren't clearly stated there. I futzed with this 
> quite some time last night. Is this in fact a limitation of LoopIII that
> resolved in LoopIV?
> In reading through the LoopIV manual, "SyncRecord" appears to be what I'm
> after, but it's not clear from what I've read what happens if I'm playing
> 4 bar drum pattern and only record 2 bars in the loop. It talks about
> keeping track of the loop cycle count, etc, but that to me implies I 
> be recording more than 4 bars in this example. Do I have ot record to 
> cycle boundry? What happens if I record 5 bars, which is 1 cycle + 1 bar
> the 2nd cycle.
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul