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Re: How to match parameters on two EDPs

> The Sound Diver editor you're talking about is to control the EDP on the
> computer via sysex. I'm looking to get the right Sysex into my
> controller to make it switch back and forth for midi channels.

in sounddiver there is a midi monitor where you can see what message the 
editor spits to the edp (individual param messages for the edp pset edit
buffer only; global params are sent as one dump)

F0 00 01 30 0B 01 01 11 02 01 7F ch F7 this should change the channel where
ch 1=$00, Ch2=$01, et

BUT this changes channels to both edps

if you want to change ch on only the slave you must set it to a  different
device id manually (check the manual) so that the message only go to one of
the pair

F0 00 01 30 0B xx  01 11 02 01 7F ch F7

xx is device id, id  01=$01,  id 02=$02  etc....

but frankly you're looking for trouble when asking for complicated stuff
without really studying midi and the manual for a while
IMHO advanced stuff is for advanced users that can debug it themselves....

Good luck


> I think if someone would walk us through putting sysex strings into the
> PMC that would be the way to do it. I looked at the sysex documentation
> in the Loop IV manual, but can't figure out how to change the channels
> via sysex. Could one of you programmers spell out the appropriate
> strings with the correct syntax so we could input this into our midi
> controllers?
> Thanks
> Neil
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> > How about sysx?  That should work--'course, I haven't done it--but I
> think
> > Claude Voit wrote an editor
> > http://www.loopers-delight.com/LDarchive/200307/msg00081.html
> > That should let you do it that way.
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