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Re: Slash Matters

Title: Re: Slash Matters
Not to mention his impact on the top hat market.


on 2/1/04 11:11 AM, Andre Cholmondeley at projectobject@earthlink.net wrote:


> Since Guns N' Roses imploded
> in the mid-'90s, no Les Paul player has commanded the cross-genre visibility
> of Slash in his heyday.

>>>Since when did Slash have "cross-genre visibility", or for that matter much
>>>of a catalog?  Is this PR or what?

Well yes - the whole article is - but Like 'em or not - G N R had a HUGE
effect on rock, hard rock, glam rock, metal and pop music in the late 80s.
Stations that played all of these genres played the hell outta 'sweet child'
and 'welcome to the jungle'.

And they DID mark a return to straight-ahead rock n roll being on the charts
and actually selling "units"...

> Metallica's Kirk Hammett and Weezer's Rivers Cuomo,
> both Les Paul players, don't have Slash's following or showmanship.

>>>I guess the writer was one of those unfortunate Drunks n' Posers fans.
>>>[shaking head]  Or he's working for Gibson and is desperate to fill an

Well - he's wrong on the numbers.. Metallica certainly has the 'following'
of GnR and then some.... But Hammett has always been known for his black
ESP. Still uses it - tho he does use LPs in the studio and occasionally
live. Weezer certainly had a couple hits but Mr Cuomo isnt per se known as a
'guitar hero'.

As silly as that phrase is - in the world of rock it's what has defined
guitars sales.  - Hendrix, Page, Van Halen - you think immediately of a
certain brand and model of guitar. Slash was just at the right place right
time with the right sound. Bingo - millions of kids and aging NY
Dolls/Johnny Thunders fans raced out to pick up a phat sunburst!!