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Re: Improvising vs. composing

This reminds me of one of the pieces on "Sketches of Spain" where Miles
appears to be stuck, but when he comes out of it, what beautiful music!!!
There's also, the accompanying background of the orchestra romping, which
comes into the foreground while Miles finds his way back to creativity,
which has an ambient sound to it, which is a ground in itself.


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> On 04-02-01 06.30,  "Dan Soltzberg" <d.ans@rcn.com> wrote:
> Sorry for reposting on this topic, but I forgot some details.
> > Problem is,
> >1. Itıs kind of intense to go to every show having no idea of
> > what Iım going to play, hoping the muse is on the guest list
> Right! This is not so different from a gig with pre structured, or
> music. Uninspired makes dull, always. It's just that a lousy gig with
> composed music might still sound a bit like "music" to untrained ears.
> And as an improvising performer it's harder to cheat when you have a bad
> night. But the more you play the more you also understand that the
> do not experiencing your music the way you expect them to. In fact you 
> think that you are having a lousy gig but out there listeners in the
> audience can find it extremely uplifting. You just can't read others
> exception while you are playing. When you start out an improvisation you
> have to understand that you let go of all control. It is indeed a method
> put oneself in situations where you loose control and have to rely
> on instinct. A trick to achieve innovation.
> > 2. Itıs hard to bring other musicians in without having at least some
> > structure.
> There are also musicians that take interest in totally improvised music
> then there shouldn't be a need for providing structure. I think a more
> problem is to manage to stay away from forming structures when 
> with other musicians. Everyone really have to listen fully all the time
> be prepared to throw his own riffs right down the garbage drain if 
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