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Re: The EDP as Slave

Dear Kim
try harder, the archives search engine doesnt deliver everytime
feedback is controler nb1
but you need a pmc10 for niplpe power

sorry for my enlish


> Does anybody know where I can find a nipple clamp that fits the feedback
> sorry if this has been asked before, but I did check the FAQ and the
> archive first and didn't find the answer.
> thx,
> kim
> At 07:58 PM 1/25/2004, loop.pool wrote:
> >Per Boysen wrote:
> >"Today my EDP made its
> >debut as Slave ;-) "
> >
> >Wow, I always knew that the amazing Echoplex had it in itelf to
> >be a true bottom.    This will make the entire Looping BDSM
> >community very happy, indeed.  <grin>
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