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RE: FCB1010 EDP MIDI thru problem?

Hi Claude;

Yes, it does pass the MIDI in signal through an active circuit as stated in
the midi spec you copied below. If there wasn't an active circuit involved
then it would be just like connecting a patch cable from input to thru
(passive) which isn't the case.

The midi in signal is being buffered and sent out (thru) an opto isolator.

I never said I think the EDP is the cause, the problem is showing up as the
EDP doing funny things and not responding.

I have checked all my cables, and all the midi devices in my rack which all
have true "midi thru" connections. The problem happens regardless of which
device midi thru I use. (tried it on 5 different midi devices) 

What is "midiox" ?? some type of midi monitor program? Does this run on a
PC? If so, where can I get a copy... that would be a big help with trouble
shooting this problem!


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thru is thru it doesnt hit any internal cicuit
from the official midi spec
A "MIDI THRU" output may be provided if needed, which provides a direct 
of data coming in MIDI IN.  For very long chain lengths (more than three
instruments), higher-speed optoisolators must be used to avoid additive
rise/fall time errors which affect pulse width duty cycle.

so the question is why do you think its the EDP ?

Check your cables
Check your cables
Check your midi fx does it have a midi out with thru capabilities or is it 
"real" thru
read EDP's midi thru and analize it with midiOx

its not the EDP

good luck


> Hey folks...
> Just searched through the archives to see if I'm the only one who's
> experienced this odd problem... apparently I am (yikes!!)
> I'm using the Behringer FCB1010 to control a pair of EDP's using midi 
> on/off info.
> If I connect the FCB1010 midi out directly into the EDP's midi in,
> everything works fine...
> But if the midi out from the FCB1010 first goes into one of the midi
> (multi fx) in my rack, then I use the device's midi thru to feed the EDP,
> the EDP doesn't respond and will sometimes do strange things like go into
> parameter mode when I try and send a note message...
> I can't believe this is happening! And it's driving me crazy... help!!!
> Any ideas? Anyone? Please??
> Glenn Fin