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Re: FCB1010 EDP MIDI thru problem?

thru is thru it doesnt hit any internal cicuit
from the official midi spec
A "MIDI THRU" output may be provided if needed, which provides a direct 
of data coming in MIDI IN.  For very long chain lengths (more than three
instruments), higher-speed optoisolators must be used to avoid additive
rise/fall time errors which affect pulse width duty cycle.

so the question is why do you think its the EDP ?

Check your cables
Check your cables
Check your midi fx does it have a midi out with thru capabilities or is it 
"real" thru
read EDP's midi thru and analize it with midiOx

its not the EDP

good luck


> Hey folks...
> Just searched through the archives to see if I'm the only one who's
> experienced this odd problem... apparently I am (yikes!!)
> I'm using the Behringer FCB1010 to control a pair of EDP's using midi 
> on/off info.
> If I connect the FCB1010 midi out directly into the EDP's midi in,
> everything works fine...
> But if the midi out from the FCB1010 first goes into one of the midi
> (multi fx) in my rack, then I use the device's midi thru to feed the EDP,
> the EDP doesn't respond and will sometimes do strange things like go into
> parameter mode when I try and send a note message...
> I can't believe this is happening! And it's driving me crazy... help!!!
> Any ideas? Anyone? Please??
> Glenn Fin