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RE: unsuscribe

Sounds like extra hassle for Kim just to spoon feed a group of people who
can't seem to think for themselves. All it takes is a quick visit back to
the page where you subscribed from in the first place to find the correct
address to un-subscribe - 

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I'll second James' suggestion. Create a "dummy list" where when people
subscribe, they get a message that they need to unsubscribe first (without
detailed explanation, just direct them to the website), and when they
unsubscribe, they get a message how to subscribe to the "real" list ;-)

Best wishes for all of you who do not have to wait another three weeks till
new year!

Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill
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> Hi Kim,
> I doubt it's possible to implement such a scheme, but thought
> I'd throw out this idea anyway:
> Is there any way to set up these two requirements before
> people can access the list;
> 1/ They take a spelling test to ensure that they can
> correctly spell "unsubscribe"
> 2/ They can successfully unsubscribe from the list without
> any outside assistance, then re-subscribe
> ;-)
> Best wishes to all for the new year.
> James Bailey
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