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SV: Is there a timing quantizer available?

> >  I've been enjoying practicing with my Boomerang and now 
> I'm wondering 
> > if
> there exists some kind of
> >timing quantizer stomp box for guitar that will quantize notes to the
> nearest 8th, 16th, 32nd, or whatever is
> >selected.

I guess you're not talking about the notes you're playing into the
Boomerang ;-) But audio can be "quantized" by dynamic filtering. Jon
Wagner was talking about the moFX, but just about any kind of filter
bank would do. Myself, I'm very happy using an AKAI MFC42. Does the
Boomerang provide midi clock out? If so, you can have the
tremolo/filtering automatically syncing up to your loop. Just like Jon,
I like crossfading a filter beat into a long pad-like loop, and also
running a filter beat in a polyrythmic relation to the audio loop. 

"Playing" a beat synced filter bank from midi pedals while looping is
great fun and there are many interesting techniques to be explored :-)

Best wishes

Per Boysen