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Re: triggering samples

A Boss RC-20 can store 10 loops, and one "one-shot" sample, for a total of
11 samples, with five minutes to recording time (total).  You could trigger
from that and leave some silence at the end of the sample for you to stop 
so it wouldn't loop.  This is probably your least expensive option.  The
next cheapest would be to buy an older sampler (think Akai S-series, or
Yamaha A-series), and a MIDI controller of some kind.  Then, if you want to
spend a bunch of money, buy a laptop with Ableton Live!.



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Subject: triggering samples

> Hi guys,
> Does anyone know of some good gear to use for
> triggering pre-recorded samples of anywhere from 2-30
> seconds in length, using a pedal or footswitch?
> (And using something that can hold quite a lot of such
> samples)?
> For instance, during a live solo performance, you are
> playing your guitar and singing, and when you get to
> the chorus you want to hit a pedal that will trigger a
> pre-recorded vocal harmony.
> Any thoughts would be most welcome.
> Thanks,
> -Jesse